ChitramTV is an internet based TV service. It works in exactly the same way as your current cable or satellite service, and you can watch it via a remote control in exactly the same way. All you need is a broadband internet connection of 1.5 Mbit/s.

ChitramTV can be watched in two simple ways

1. Connect ChitramTV Box to Your TV

Select your preferred app.


Step A : Connection the Video and Audio to TV


  • Connect the HDMI cable ❶ to HDMI ports


Step B : Connecting the Power


  • Connect the Power adapter ❷ to Power port


Caution : Power should be given after all other connections.


Step C : Connecting to the Internet Router


  • Connect the Internet using Ethernet cable ❸.




2. Connect Via Your Computer/Mobile/ Tablet

  1. Go to ChitramTV Download Page Click This
  2.  Select your preferred app.
  3.  Login into the App
  4.  Watch and Enjoy.

Entertainment at its best on your chitramtv platform watch anytime anywhere on Your favorite device

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Watch all the Indian entertainment without any interruption! Bumper Launch offer: Get a free set top Box on a new connection worth £109! Pay only £109 for yearly subscription!

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